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The everyday athlete

The everyday athlete

Did you catch any of the London Marathon coverage in April? 41,000 people running over 26 miles is nothing short of heroic. And if watching their efforts inspired you to get moving a little more, but pounding the pavements day in, day out isn’t for you, then your own Hydropool Staffordshire Swim spa could be the perfect solution.

You don’t need to win medals or excel in tournaments, you just need the dedication to work, adapt and improve your skill and stamina to become the everyday athlete. And, it’s exactly this that inspired us to create a swim spa designed perfectly for you. Take the five features below, for instance; they ensure you get the perfect workout environment in the comfort of your own home.

Pumps: Produce a strong current

Our pump system is designed to give you effortless buoyancy, whilst being strong enough to give you anything from a smooth, gentle swim all the way up to an intense, hardcore workout. There is one 5hp Aquaboost pump producing up to 360 gallons per minute and one 3hp buoyancy pump located under the swim jets. This combination gives a strong, reliable resistance for you to swim.

Hydraulics: Energy efficient

You can rest assured that we take our effects on the planet very seriously at Hydropool Staffordshire, which is why our hydraulic system is as energy efficient as possible whilst ensuring no loss in performance. The suctions located on the steps in the seating area eliminate turbulence. The 2.5” intake and return pipes move more volume of water. Plus, all pumps are Evergreen Efficient using 30% less amperage than a traditional pump.

Slipstream swim jet technology: Great for exercise

In order to give yourself a great platform to begin your workout, you need superior jets that produce the perfect swimming environment. Two slipstream jets produce the swim current and the oval design flattens the water flow for a smoother swim. This means you can spend more time perfecting your stroke and stamina, and less time worrying about staying in the best position.

Customizable current: Jet flex swim system

Everyone has their own ability, strength and overall fitness level, so it’s important that your swim spa provides different levels for you to workout. So, whether you’re a newcomer to the swimming scene, or you are a fitness fanatic ready to tackle your daily blast, the Hydropool swim spa can accommodate both. The system produces a 3.5mph/5kph current, and the current speed is adjustable. Plus, you can vary the flow of water and adjust its intensity to ensure the perfect swim every time.

Aquachannel shell: Complete loop design

Using a swim spa is, of course, different to swimming in your local pool, but you can be sure every effort has been made to give you the best experience possible. Our shell design means there is no reflective wave causing you to come out of the swim lane, and the seating area at the back means the current is smooth all the way along your body as you swim. Less obstructions mean less waves and a more powerful, enjoyable swim.

So, whether you are training to lose weight, get fit or even compete, our Hydropool swim spa has all of the perfect features for you. And once you commit to your dream swim spa, you are already halfway there! Just work out your daily or weekly routine, set the controls to suit your ability and strength and away you go.

You really are the everyday athlete