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Lighting options

Lighting options

When you picture the perfect day at a relaxing spa, you probably imagine the warming embrace of a luxurious hot tub, the relaxing music taking you far away from your daily stresses and strains and the crisp taste of a flute of bubbly. What you may not picture is the perfect lighting every spa has! It often goes unnoticed, but light is one of the most important aspects in creating a dreamy, soothing ambience to allow you to totally relax. And at Hydropool Staffordshire, we can help you to recreate that gorgeous look with our range of lighting optional extras!

First up, we have our Starfall package. This package is available on Serenity hot tubs and is the perfect way to create that romantic, starlight effect within your hot tub. By strategically placing LED lights, we can illuminate the lip of the hot tub. And along with the Serenity Water Falls, which provide the soothing sounds of cascading water, it’s a full sensory experience to take you far away.

Our Northern Lights package, on the other hand, is available for all hot tubs (we also have a Northern Lights package which is available for all swim spas too). This upgrade to LED lights enables you to illuminate all of the top mounted control valves. They are wonderfully coloured and can be fixed to your favourite hue, or can sequence through a range of colours as you wish. These LED lights are brilliantly complimented by further LED lights that can illuminate the waterfall jets discreetly from behind, creating a show-stopping look.

The lighting in and around your hot tub may not be something you have considered previously, but it can really elevate your hot tub or swim spa experience. After all, when you relax on the sofa at the end of the day, you will rarely have the full ‘big light’ on as you watch TV – you’ll have a cosy collection of lamps and candles to set the mood. And it should be the same with your hot tub or swim spa experience. Keep the lights low but allow them to set the mood, so you can just sit back and let the massaging jets do the rest.

Ask our team about our range of lighting options for your hot tub or swim spa today and create the ultimate glamorous spa-look in your home.