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Joint strain relief

Joint strain relief

If you love to exercise, you’ll know how amazing you can feel after a workout. The mix of feel-good hormones rushing around your body is amazing, not to mention the improved sleep and better physical health. And when you enjoy that post-workout feeling, it really can have an effect on you mentally when you disrupt that routine through injury. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or you just like a jog or aerobics class every week, muscle and joint strain are common complaints of many.

That’s where Hydropool can help. Using a hot tub or swim spa to help relieve the symptoms of joint strain has been tried, tested and enjoyed for many years.

The hot water of a hot tub or swim spa increases blood flow around the body and to the skin and muscles which aid the recovery process. It can prevent stiffness and promote joint homeostasis, meaning you feel better sooner and get to relax in the luxury of a hot tub at the same time.

But it’s not just the heat that can help. The jets provide you with a high pressure hydro massage, giving your sore muscles the deep push and flex they need to get working again. This can help to reduce muscle spasms and potentially decrease pain.

All of these wonderful benefits of using a hot tub can overall decrease your recovery time too! Just wait 48 hours after injury for the inflammatory period to subside and allow the hot tub hydrotherapy to aid your rehabilitation. Take the pressure off, sit back and enjoy the relaxing healing benefits of your tub.

And don’t forget, once you’re ready to start flexing those muscles once more, a swim spa provides the perfect exercise routine. Swimming is low impact which means the risk of injury is far lower than sports that are harsher on the joints, such as running, dance aerobics and contact sports. This gives your body the aerobic workout it needs to stay healthy whilst being kind to those trouble areas you struggle with.

So, if you’re struggling with a niggling pain from exercise, let your Hydropool hot tub help! Or, switch up your routine all together and move to a kinder sport for your body with a Hydropool Swim Spa.