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Importance of quality me-time

Importance of quality me-time

Importance of quality me-time

‘Me time’. It may be a cliché, but it is often something that isn’t prioritised. That elusive, idyllic moment where you can sit back, remove yourself from the digital world and forget about the stresses and strains of life. But, how often do you really make time for yourself? Well, at Hydropool Staffordshire, we think it really is time you did just that!

There’s so much to be said for switching off the phone, picking up your favourite book and just turning your back on the world for a while. There should be no guilt in doing so either! In order for you to be at your best at work or to be the most focused parent you can be for the kids, you need time to relax and recharge. Whether that involves going for an energising swim or soaking up the warming embrace of your hot tub with a glass of bubbly, nobody can run on full battery all day, every day.

However, it’s not just how much time you spend on yourself each week. It’s about what you actually do with that time.

A British study recently found that it’s not just the quantity of this so-called ‘me-time’ that’s important. It’s actually the quality which has the most effect. A better quality ‘me-time’ experience is said to better improve your work-life balance, your wellbeing and your engagement at work.

So, when you next find a gap in your diary, fill it with a meaningful, enjoyable and pleasant activity you really enjoy. Make the most of that time so you can look back fondly on it as time really well spent. If you spend just 20 minutes a day in your hot tub, you can be sure to feel more relaxed, sleep better and feel better. After all, 20 minutes isn’t really that long – just think how long you spend scrolling through social media in a day or sat with your feet up on the sofa. Although they may seem like enjoyable activities, they aren’t making quality time out of that quantity of time.

Make the most of your me time and relax, with Hydropool Staffordshire.