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Hot tubs: Sports therapy and recovery

Hot tubs: Sports therapy and recovery

It’s safe to say that hot tubs have wonderful healing benefits when it comes to our mental wellbeing. But if you love your sports, the physical benefits you can gain through therapy and recovery in your Hydropool are endless.

So what can a bathing session do to help an you achieve peak performance?

During training, joints are stretched in order to gain flexibility; muscle tissue is actually damaged in order to achieve bulk and strength. But the positive results of training come about in how the body recovers from these stresses.

The first benefit of hot tub Hydrotherapy comes about from the buoyancy that water provides. The warm, bubbling water of the spa supports the body and takes the weight off joints and limbs. This is more than simply ‘lying down’ after exercise; the body is supported in all directions and yet still able to freely move and re-align itself.

Secondly, the warmth of the spa waters causes vasodilation. The blood vessels expand decreasing blood pressure, and allow an increase in oxygen supply to the muscles as well as the supply of antibodies to affected areas. This warmth reduces and eases muscle spasm and helps to clear metabolites.

And thirdly, the massage jets in a spa also have an important part to play. A Finnish study showed that 20 minutes of warm hydro-massage in a hot tub after training helped athletes maintain the explosive power of their muscles the following day. The combination of warmth, support and massage help lactic acid return to resting levels more quickly.

So don’t underestimate the power of recovery from your workouts, and make the most of your Hydropool hot tub to aid relaxation and improve performance.


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