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Health benefits of hot tubs and swim spas

Health benefits of Hydropool hot tubs
Relax and de-stress

Time to reconnect
Let’s face it. Life gets busier and more demanding each day; it seems you never have time to rest. Imagine your own personal getaway; a place where you can relax, meditate, and enjoy quiet times alone, with family or with friends. Feel the stress and tension seep out of your body as you sit back, stretch out, and let the combination of warm water, pulsating jets, and the natural buoyancy of the water do its magic.

Soothe those tired and aching muscles
The heat of your Hydropool hot tub results in collagen tissue becoming more flexible, benefiting many people with arthritic symptoms. Doctors have advised people with arthritis that soaking in warm water several times a day relaxes muscles and joints and helps induce restful sleep. The resulting stress and muscle tension relief has also led many migraine sufferers to claim that hot tub use reduces the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Sleep better
The heat, improved blood circulation, tension relief, and quicker lactic acid removal will result in a comforting state of relaxation and tranquility, assisting you to sleep better at night.

HydroTher Control and Wellness Programme

If you choose to add the HydroTher package on a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub, you’ll be able to experience the only automated wellness spa in the industry. Here are the steps Hydropool went through to develop this exclusive feature:

30 years of research

Hydropool hot tubs are installed in over 40 countries for both private and professional uses. Working with Hydrotherapy Centers, Wellness Spas and Aquatic Therapy Professionals, we discovered eight major benefits:

–  Leg pain relief
–  Back pain relief
–  Headache relief
–  Stress relief
–  Digestive issues
–  After sports recovery
–  Diet/metabolism boost

Zone Therapy developed

To achieve the perfect Zone Therapy, we took steps to:

–  Re-engineer the seating and lounger to obtain the best comfort for each body type and massage session
–  Re-invent our own jets to deliver the requested massage movements
–  Position each jet strategically to work on selected body parts
–  Achieve the therapy zones as per the experts’ recommendations

Advanced Therapies developed

Through years of cooperation with our Hydrotherapy consultants and partners, we have now been able to develop the following therapies to our hot tubs:

–  Aromatherapy
–  Chromotherapy
–  Reflexology

Development of Wellness Guide

The Wellness Guide allows any customer the ability to achieve the desired results with any of our self-cleaning hot tubs. Each type of hydrotherapy program (an underwater circuit) is outlined, made easy to understand and perform from our Wellness Guide. We offer the first true wellness spa in the industry.

Now the experience is automated

At the touch of a button, choose your Wellness Program. Naturally follow your hot tub sequences to achieve your desired therapeutic results. Sit back and enjoy the only automated wellness spa in the industry.

Health benefits of Hydropool swim spas
Get active with a swim spa

One of the key advantages of a Hydropool swim spa is that it provides you with one of the best types of exercise methods available. Swimming is good for several reasons:

Cardio at its best
Swimming provides an effective workout plan that gets the heart going – it’s good for both weight loss and for improving cardiovascular function.

Exercise without impact
Unlike running or walking, there is no impact on the joints, which is is important for those who may be severely overweight or those with joint pain.

It’s fun
Unlike other types of exercise, like treadmills and workout gyms, people tend to enjoy swimming. When you enjoy doing something, you are more likely to do it.

For all of these reasons, a Hydropool swim spa is an ideal choice for those who need to get moving.

A Hydropool swim spa is an opportunity for you to get an intense workout right from your pool. However, a swim spa offers other added benefits that a traditional pool may not offer, and not just exercise related – in fact, this can be the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Hydropool swim spas are safe for all ages. With adult supervision, the kids will enjoy splashing around in the pool or building their swimming skills. It is also a good option for those who want just to have a place for the kids to cool down in the hot summer months.

Swim spa exercise options

Hydropool swim spas enable a variety of exercise activities:

Open Water Swimming Experience

–  Ideal swim flow for the serious athlete or just for the pleasure of a good swim
–  Eliminates turning and provides a true long distance swim
–  Produces a current similar to a 50 minute Ironman pace
–  No back flow to impede a smooth swim
–  No “fire hydrant-like” air/water flow that can force you out of the swim lane

Cross-Training Tethered Swim

–  Most effective low-impact exercise there is
–  All the benefits of lap swimming
–  Makes swim training convenient and fun
–  Adds more upper body workout and body tension to any cross-training regimens
–  Tethers you from behind, which means no lines to interfere with your kick or stroke
–  Maintains your natural body position while swimming freestyle, backstroke, butterfly or even the breaststroke
–  Swim at your own pace or really cut lose for a full workout

Tethered Aquatic Jogging and Training

–  Recognised as one of the best cross-training exercises one can perform
–  Reduced possibility of any injury to the body
–  Builds lean muscles and a stronger heart, improves body posture
–  Good exercise during recovery periods such as post-marathons or long racing seasons
–  Provides relief from running on the hard surfaces and is excellent for shin splints, tendonitis, knee and many other lower leg ailments

Aquatic Universal Gym

The system uses elastic or hydraulic tension to create the resistance (counter weight) through training; this provides significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being. The system offers the versatility of resistance band exercises, which allows the athlete to mirror very closely the movement patterns in their sport, providing less chance of any injury.

Aquatic Step and Rowing Machine

A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attached to swivel elements allows you to do a rowing motion. This exercise uses all of your major muscle groups and strengthens muscles in your legs, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms. The step exercise is low impact, making it easier on your joints. Both activities exercise muscles in a continuous rhythmic motion for control of body weight, relieving depression and helping you sleep better.

Family Fun/Aquatic Fun and Wave Pool

Hydropool swim spas are also perfect for a splash about with the kids. Turn off the current in the swim channel and you have a splash/plunge pool. Adults can relax comfortably in the seating end of the swim spa whilst the kids splash and swim (or join in the fun!). The side of the swim spa is always within reach, and the tank shape and depth allow for the personal training of any first time swimmer. Alternatively, attach a harness to the new AquaPlay Anchor and use a boogie board. Get active in your swim spa!

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