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Hot tub cover options

Hot tub cover options


At Hydropool Staffordshire, we offer a range of optional extras with our hot tubs and swim spas to improve and enhance your home spa set-up into a dream experience. The cover option available not only keep your tub safe and away from spillages or foreign objects falling into them, but can make your tub even more energy efficient too! We really think adding a cover is an incredibly useful asset to your Hydropool hot tub or swim spa.

Hydrowise Thermal Shield Cover: This cover is available as an upgrade to the self-cleaning hot tub range and provides a superb, energy efficient cover for your hot tub.

Hydrowise Swim Spa Cover: This cover is available for all swim spas. It’s a hard cover made from durable, marine-grade vinyl and completely seals the top of the swim spa for improved energy efficiency. The locks are included for securing the cover in place.

Swim Spa Summer Cover with Tie Downs: This summer cover is available on all swim spas and enables you to keep your swim spa warm and ready for spontaneous usage, whilst conserving energy and staying secure to prevent unwanted debris from entering the pool.

And, to make your hot tub secure but ensure you can access it easily whenever you need to, make sure you check out our range of low-profile, easy-to-use cover removers! Their hydraulic actions, smooth mechanisms and space saving design makes covering and uncovering your hot tub just so easy.

Chat to the Hydropool Staffordshire team about the best way to keep your hot tub or swim spa secure and energy efficient today, and we can help you build the perfect home-spa package.