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Get into swimming!

Get into swimming!


Are you thinking of getting a Hydropool swim spa but haven’t been swimming in years? It’s all about having a gentle swimming regime to build up your strength and improve your technique. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, and the best part is, as you’ll be doing it in your own swim spa, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you’ll both fall in love with your new fitness hobby and see improvement in no time!

If you’re overweight, you may be concerned about an injury or have a joint condition. Some exercisers may have achy joints from carrying excess weight. Swimming challenges your body without putting pressure on joints. Excess pressure can aggravate some conditions, such as arthritis.

Some people think that swimming may be too easy to qualify as a weight loss exercise. But swimming can be very challenging depending on how you structure your workouts. The water can serve as a form of resistance for your body, helping to tone and strengthen your muscles. Additionally, swimming improves your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Try to swim daily if you can, even just for 20 minutes. If this isn’t possible opt for every other day. Start with a stroke such as breaststroke and start building up your muscle strength and stamina. Once you are able to swim for ten minutes or so non-stop, start alternating your stroke each day and go for front crawl the next day. This will help improve your breathing technique. A good breathing technique mastered now will make a huge difference when your muscle strength improves.

As you swim more and more you will notice how quickly your technique and stamina improves, but not only that, you’ll start to really enjoy exercising in your swim spa too!

Ready, set, SWIM!

Get into swimming with Hydropool Staffordshire