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Flawless swimming in the perfect ‘pool’

Flawless swimming in the perfect ‘pool’

Flawless swimming in the perfect ‘pool’

In order for you to achieve the best results from your workout routine and get the perfect swim results, you need the most ideal place to do it in.

A swim spa is not only ideal for all swimming lovers, both experienced and new to the sport, but is an amazing space saver, with superior advanced technologies blended to work together to achieve maximum results. You can improve your stroke technique, increase your stamina and tailor your workout to suit exactly what you want, without having to turn and push from a wall every few metres. Not to mention it is a swimming experience all to yourself – no more tussling for space in the busy local pool and struggling for a peaceful workout.

And at Hydropool Staffordshire, we can help you move towards your fitness goals with our swim spas. Find out more below about our top tips for what to look out for when considering your swim spa investment.

Jet system

In order to create the perfect conditions for your swim, a swim spa must comprise of a quality jet design. A great swim jet system is imperative and will ensure your swim is forever smooth, free of turbulence and waves. You want a consistent flow and a level plane of water to work in.


The pumps in a swim spa are what create the resistance for you to swim against and how much power the water has against you. You want a pump system that works with your stamina, stoke and ability. This way, you can be sure to have either an intense, hardcore workout or a more gentle, casual dip.

Resistance control

You need to be sure your swim spa allows you to have control over your workout. If you are new to swimming, you need a simple resistance control that allows you to have a lower resistance then build the intensity over time as your strength and stamina builds. You need to be sure the environment is both safe but productive to your workout, whatever your ability level.

Shell design

You need a well-designed shell to give you the best space to have a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable swim. Too many seats, steps and backsplashes create large contours which create turbulence and, in turn, ruin your smooth swim experience. A well-made shell will have the spa seats at the back so you can swim without interference, and mean your swim is centred, consistent and of course, great fun!

With these four considerations in mind, you’ll be glad to know that the Hydropool Staffordshire’s range of swim spas boast the best benefits of them all.

It took many years of hard work, advanced engineering and rigorous testing, but with our system, we believe we have created the perfect swim. The flow in particular was our focus, aiming to achieve the perfect fluid current, meaning you can focus on your stroke, technique and stamina knowing the resistance is easily adjusted and the current is reliable.

With Hydropool Staffordshire, you get a wider, deeper, more comfortable swim with no steps or benches in the swim lane, plus advanced hydraulics, ensuring a beautiful balance between flow and volume from the jets of water.

And all this means no turning and tussling in your local pool, and a safe, clean, easy yet stylish environment to swim in.

So just get in touch with our Hydropool Staffordshire team to discover your flawless “dream swim” in the perfect pool today.