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Featured: Serenity 2 Special Edition

Featured: Serenity 2 Special Edition

Featured: Serenity 2 Special Edition


At Hydropool Staffordshire, one of the major factors we hear when it comes to making a decision on a hot tub, is the space our customers have available to them. There’s no denying that hot tubs do need a decent amount of space inside or outside your home, and finding the right one to fit perfectly into the room you have can seem like a challenge. However, with our large range of models, we certainly have something to suit everyone.

Take our Serenity 2 Special Edition, for instance. This hot tub is designed to fit into a smaller space, without compromising on the quality of the design and the experience you get when using it.

You can enjoy the stylish design and unique features you might expect to find only in much larger spas – the Serenity 2 Special Edition is surprisingly packed with everything you need for the perfect home-spa experience. Compact enough for a second floor deck, yet roomy enough for you to stretch out and relax, the Serenity 2 Special Edition is an ideal choice for a first hot tub or changing lifestyles.

And with the usual range of gorgeous shell and cabinet options, plus a whole world of optional extras, size really doesn’t matter when it comes to having your dream hot tub in your home! It’s all about maximising the space you have and making the most of it. Who says you need acres of space to create your own little piece of serenity?

So stop worrying about space, and let Hydropool Staffordshire show you how you can enjoy the Serenity 2 Special Edition hot tub.

Serenity 2 Special Edition