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Ease Your Back Pain

We all have those niggling aches and pains which come with the stresses of modern life and work. Back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst adults, particularly those who have worked in a sedentary job for many years. But did you know that spending time in a Hydropool Hot Tub can seriously help ease back pain?

Hydrotherapy increases circulation to soothe muscles and relieve pain symptoms faster, making it an effective way to gain control over lower back problems in particular. It also promotes spine flexibility to help with spine stiffness, which is often noted as a cause of lower back pain. And with the controlled jets, you can target problem areas with ease.

The heat that is applied through a hot tub also expands blood vessels, relaxes muscles and soothes the tissues in deeper parts of the muscles, which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Of course, it is always wise to seek advice from a medical professional when looking to improve muscular health with a longstanding or serious pain. However, spending even just a small amount of time in your hot tub every day can see a dramatic positive effect on your suppleness and ease of movement. Not to mention the psychological effects that come with not having to worry about those aches and pains so much!

Hydropool hot tubs aren’t just the perfect way to relax that tired mind after a long day. Don’t underestimate their positive physical effects on your body too.