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Create your own spa at home

Create your own spa at home


Picture this: You’ve had a tough, stressful day. You slip off your shoes and drop your bag to the floor, change into your swim wear and make your way over to your Hydropool hot tub. You slip into the warming, soothing water, close your eyes and feel that stress lift away from your aching muscles. The jets gently massage your body top to toe and your mind is allowed to wander wherever it chooses, as you forget all about the pile of work you left behind…

Feel better already? Imagine if you were actually doing it for real!

It’s all about creating the perfect home spa experience with your Hydropool hot tub, and it’s so easy to do.

Music: If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’ll know that the soundtrack plays a big part in helping you to unwind. So whether you opt for one of our sound system additional extras, or you pop your iPad close by with a relaxing spa playlist, it will certainly enhance your experience. There are many playlists available online, on apps such as Spotify, specifically dedicated to relaxation and even some specialising in spa music, so turn the music on and turn your mind off.

Aromatherapy: Another fabulous extra you’ll always see at a public spa is aromatherapy. Delightful, relaxing smells make it a full sensory experience. Check out our aromatherapy options, and do some research into what aromas will help ease the tension. Lavender is a hugely popular and highly effective scent to aid relaxation. The perfect addition to your home spa!

No phone zone: One of the main reasons people find it so hard to relax these days is the fact that you are accessible 24/7. Emails, phone calls, texts and social media mean your phone is buzzing around the clock. Make the room or area where your Hydropool tub is a phone-free zone and resist the temptation to pick it up to check it or answer those emails. They can wait. It’s all about you right now. Relax.

Who says you have to pay for an expensive trip to the spa when you can create the perfect, personalized relaxation experience just for you right in your home?

Go on. You deserve it.

With Hydropool Staffordshire’s wide choice of hot tubs and swim spas, plus glorious optional extras to tailor your relaxation experience, you really can just relax – Hydropool have got everything covered.

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