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Arthritis Relief

Arthritis Relief


Arthritis and the associated pain that comes with it affects millions of people around the UK. While there’s no specific cure, there are many remedies that can help reduce swollen joints and relax muscles. One of the most effective therapies is hot water therapy, which, of course, can be provided by a Hydropool hot tub or swim spa.

The method of hot therapy works by stimulating the processes in your body that naturally heal swollen and painful areas. When the body is exposed to higher temperatures your blood vessels dilate which stimulates blood circulation. This helps brings oxygen to swollen areas and reduce muscle spasms. Moist heat therapy in particular is incredibly powerful. This involves submerging your body in hot water to reduce pain. Moist heat increases relaxation of the muscles, boosts blood supply to painful areas of the body and relieves muscle spasms.

This is where your Hydropool hot tub or swim spa works beautifully.

With comfortable seating, relaxing massage jets set to just how you like them and warming, soothing hot water whirling around your aching joints, you can feel the benefits almost instantly.

Although there is no cure for arthritis, this doesn’t mean you have to suffer with the pain with no means of respite. Time in your Hydropool spa may be just what you need for the relief and release that comes from hot water therapy.

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