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Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2017

Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2017


Aromatherapy Awareness Week runs from 5th – 11th June 2017 and, in its 10th year, Hydropool Staffordshire are proud to be supporting it!

Aromatherapy is something we love at Hydropool, and when it comes to hot tubs, aromatherapy plays a big part.

The theme to mark the week for 2017 is Aromatherapy & Mental Health. This is prompted by the worrying statistics that one adult in six has had a common mental disorder: about one woman in five and one man in eight. Mental health effects every age group and UK based statistics show that 10% of children and young people have a mental health problem; mental health is also the leading cause of sickness absence in the workplace.

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have been known since ancient times and have been successfully used by medical practitioners in other countries of Europe since the early 20th century. And incorporating aromatherapy into your hot tub routine does wonders for both your physical, but perhaps more importantly, your mental well-being. The aromatherapy works by permeating through the air propelled upwards by the jets in the tub and infusing into the air around you as you sit back and relax.

Our ‘DreamScents on Demand’ option is available for all our hot tubs and swim spas; this state-of-the-art technology provides you with the chance to change the mood or boost your hot tub experience at the push of a button, injecting just the right amount of aromatherapy essential oils into your self-cleaning Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

So ensure you make time to unwind in your tub during Aromatherapy Awareness week, and see just how it improves your mental wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2017