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Aquasport swim spa range

Aquasport swim spa range

At Hydropool Staffordshire, you know we have two main areas of our offer. First, we have our luxurious, pampering hot tub range, which is all about indulgent relaxation. Second, we have our exciting and exhilarating swim spas, which are all about the combination of that indulgence and luxury with a fantastic, efficient place to exercise, all in the comfort of your own home! And if you love swimming, or you’re looking to get into the sport to improve your energy, muscle tone, mental wellbeing, blood pressure or joint pain, then choosing a swim spa from our Aquasport swim spa range is the perfect solution.

If you know the size of the space you have available and the budget you’d like to adhere to, our team can help find the perfect Aquasport swim spa solution for you. However, all of our Aquasport swim spas come, as standard, with a superior design and features to make swimming enjoyable, easy and safe:

– No need to turn or push off from a wall; just a continuous current to enable you to focus on your stroke, technique and stamina, adjustable to your swim level.

– A generous, streamlined tank area with a flat, anti-slip floor allowing for the perfect aqua aerobic space. You don’t just have to swim!

– The AquaCore jet system allows for fun for the whole family (a safe place to teach your kids how to swim) and great resistance for aquatic therapy

– The AquaShell design is wide and deep with an even flowing swim channel, meaning you get consistent smooth water, a safe and spacious swim space and swim lane lines on the floor to keep you on track.

– The Hydroclean fitration pump means your swim spa is easy to maintain and a joy to use.

And don’t forget – you can fully personalise your swim spa to your exact requirements with our range of optional extras including aromatherapy packages, sound systems, lighting and more.

So when you’re looking for the perfect solution to create your dream swim space at home, you can be guaranteed quality, a great swim and superior design that lasts with the Hydropool Staffordshire Aquasport swim spa range.